AAA Oklahoma Increases Support for OSU App Center

The OSU App Center, launched three years ago, is sponsored by corporate partner AAA Oklahoma, which recently agreed to continue its financial support of the center’s operations. The center is a resource for anyone on campus with ideas for mobile apps.

App Competition Phase I Winners Announced

Monday, December 1, 2014

The OSU App Center, along with AAA Oklahoma and CSAA Insurance Group, announced its top two winning mobile app ideas in the Phase I of the 2014/2015 mobile app competition. “Drive to win!” and “Fitness Telematics” were selected as the winners for the competition, which invited students to submit ideas based on ‘Insurance Telematics’ theme.

AppCenter Announces Top 10 Ideas for Phase 1 - Fall 2014

The Oklahoma State University (OSU) App Center has announced the names of the top ten app ideas for the 2014-15 app competition. The panel of judges from AAA Oklahoma selected the 10 most promising app ideas to advance to the next round of Phase I competition.

Phase I Top 10 App Ideas (in no particular order)

AAA sponsors third annual app competition at Oklahoma State University

OSU App Center launches competition

Oklahoma State University students are invited to showcase their creativity and skill to compete for over $21,000 in cash prizes at the third annual OSU App Competition hosted by the OSU App Center, AAA Oklahoma and CSAA Insurance Group, an AAA insurer.

AppCenter Prepares for Live Demonstration - Spring 2014

STILLWATER, OKLA. – With the deadline to deliver code behind them, participants in the second phase of the AppCenter’s annual mobile app competition, sponsored through AAA Oklahoma, are gearing up for live demonstrations taking place on Thursday.

From AAA Hack Day to Phase II of “Innovating Insurance in My Life”

The OSU App Center has recently assisted AAA Oklahoma in hosting the AAA Hack Day – Oklahoma State University’s first, full 24-hour mobile app development contest held on campus. While it was a successful event for everyone involved in the competition, the App Center is quickly transitioning back to focusing on the second phase of the “Innovating Insurance in My Life” competition.

AAA Hack Day Winners Named at Oklahoma State University

FLARE, an app focused on the best way to prevent and/or respond to an emergency while traveling, was the $3,000 top prize winner at AAA Hack Day, a first-time mobile application development contest hosted by the Oklahoma State University App Center, AAA Oklahoma and AAA Club Partners (ACP).

Oklahoma State Student Takes a Day to Hack

The Oklahoma State University App Center started its first “Hack Day” on Friday. Hack Day is a competition among OSU students that last 24 hours. The event is sponsored by AAA Oklahoma and AAA Club Partners.

Hack Day lets OSU students create an iOS app that will be judged at the end of the competition. Cristi Goettel, communications specialist for AAA, said a panel of four judges in the competition, representing both experts in the feild and AAA, will make the final decisions.

App Contest Attracts 17 Teams at OSU - Spring 2014

Seventeen teams of students have registered to compete in the second phase of the OSU App Center’s “Innovating Insurance in My Life” mobile app contest, more than double the number that entered this phase in last year’s contest.