App Development Process

Light bulb icon - Step One : Submit App Idea
Step One: Submit your Idea

Come up with an unique mobile app concept. Look at this App Idea Outline document to familiarize yourself with the process before you proceed with the App Disclosure below.

Disclosure Form

App Idea Outline

Step Two Icon: App Idea Assessment
Step Two:App Idea Assesment

OSU App Center will evaluate the submitted app idea for its feasibility and market potential. The app concept will go through an initial assessment by the center to see if the app's concept and purpose has potential within its own market.

People Icon - Step Three: Steering Committee
Step Three:Steering Committee

A group of officials will review the app idea assessment and recommend or not recommend the app for development funding.

App Icon - Step Four
Step Four:Create an App

After the app idea is approved, the app development team, including UI designers and programmers, will work with the submitter of the app idea to design and build the mobile app.

In addition to the hands-on developmental support, the OSU App Center will also provide a limited amount of funding to support ancillary activities.

Ipad and Phone Icon - Step Five : Test and Release
Step Five:Test and Release

The OSU App Center will help the submitter to test and release the app in an appropriate marketplace after it is developed.


Tools Icon - Step Six : Maintenance
Step Six:Maintenance

Once the app is released, proper attention should be given to fix any reported bugs and issues as the app is being used by users. It is also necessary to update the app based on users' feedback.


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