About OSU App Center

We are located on the first floor of the Henry Bellmon Research Center (HBRC) at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma. Our goal is to create opportunities for students and companies, to validate ideas and build relationships by providing the following services.

  • Organization of app development competitions
  • Work with students to create apps from their ideas
  • Market research studies for student/faculty app ideas

The OSU appcenter is a space where students can transition their application (“app”) ideas into functioning web and mobile apps. Currently, there are no companies, which develop apps with the involvement of university students for developing, testing and validating these ideas. We provide a unique service to companies by connecting them with students in new ways to develop apps. The space also allows for students to professionally connect to corporate sponsors and businesses needing apps. The OSU appcenter will house all the necessary equipment and programs to facilitate this process, which will be free to currently enrolled Oklahoma State University students. 

Sponsors and Contributors

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