From Lab to Mobile Connects OSU to the Internet of Things








David Allen, director of product development for AT&T’s IoT/M2M Solutions group, spoke to a networking group at the OSU App Center From Lab to Mobile event. Allen described the Internet of Things as the next digital revolution.

The Oklahoma State University App Center has started a networking meetup group on campus for researchers and students to exchange ideas and solve problems using mobile computing, including mobile apps and the internet of things, as an integral part of research.

The first meetup in January brought together OSU researchers from various disciplines who are working on and interested in mobile computing, areas such as mobile apps, wearables, mobile health solutions and robotics. App developers and UI/UX designers also attended the event.  

The focus of the meetup is to facilitate discussion around topics related to mobile apps and the Internet of Things by bringing in expert speakers. Internet of Things was the topic of discussion during the inaugural meetup. Internet of Things is an up-and-coming concept which relates to a system of physical devices connected to the Internet which gather and transmit data. Examples include smartwatches, thermostats, connected cars, appliances and even some lightbulbs.

David Allen, director of product development for AT&T’s IoT/M2M Solutions group, spoke at the January meeting to help OSU students and faculty realize the potential of the Internet of Things, which he called the next digital revolution after the Internet and wireless connectivity.

There are many Internet of Things applications,” said Jai Rajendran, manager of the App Center. “An easy example of this concept is the smartwatch. It’s connected to the Internet and gives the user quick information on-the-go. A more complex example would be the use of connected sensors and devices in Smart Cities where a municipality can monitor, manage and control devices real-time. Think connected traffic lights, connected vehicles and utilities.”

About 40 people from various departments attended the meetup to learn about the future of mobile computing. The meetup offered a structured networking session where people had the opportunity to learn about others area of research and make connection. Networking session was moderated by Russ Hopper, senior licensing associate at the technology development center. At the end, Scott Davis, licensing associate at the Technology Development Center, presented the process of technology commercialization at OSU.

From the App Center’s side of things, we want to encourage people to take their research from lab to mobile by creating apps and devices on campus,” Rajendran said. “We also want to connect people across disciplines in the hope that inter-disciplinary teams could be formed to conduct research in these topics.”

Rajendran hopes to have a “From Lab to Mobile” meetup once a semester. He said plans are in the works to hold the next event this fall. You can find a recap from the meetup in January at the Lab to Mobile Meetup page.

The Lab to Mobile Meet Up was featued in an O State TV news segment. You can view presentation highlights here.

Story by Matt Cohlmia