Top 10 ideas for Phase I announced – 5th Annual App Competition

The OSU App Center has announced the top ten app ideas from the first round of Phase I of the “From Research to App Competition”. A panel of judges, after thoughtful consideration, selected the 10 most promising app ideas to advance to the next round.

Phase I Top 10 App Ideas (in no particular order):

• BloatTracker
• Divisionista
• StopInfoLeak
• Paper keyboard
• Seed Inventory
• Which Wheat?
• Pattern Master
• U-search
• Kiddie speech screener
• The 3rd Eye

App Center received a total of 87 app ideas, a record number, from various departments across campus. The selection process was very competitive and was based on three factors;
1. Relevancy to the contest theme, 2. Implementability of the app idea, and 3. Potential social and economic impact.

The next step for these winning ideas is to prepare idea storyboard and elevator pitch. Each team will have six minutes to present their app idea to the panel of judges, followed by three additional minutes of questions.

The two winning app ideas will be announced on the same day after the pitch presentation. The winner will receive $2500, runner-up will receive $1000 and the other top 8 ideas will each receive $500.

The Phase II - "Best Developed App" of the competition is open to individuals with programming skills to develop a functional prototype of a selected app. The teams in the second phase will select one of the top two winning app ideas from the Phase I contest and develop a working mobile app. Team Registration for Phase II will open in December 2016.

Important dates:
Nov 25, 2016 – Deadline for Story Board submission
Nov 28, 2016 – Pitch event, winners announced