Winners of Phase I: From Research to App Competition (5th Annual 2016/2017)

Phase I of "From Research to App" Competition 2016-2017 was a great success with unprecedented number of entries. 

Winning ideas were:

Pattern Paster

Engineering apparel patterns for proper clothing fit is an area that requires both science and art. As such there continues to be quite a lot of experimentation and analysis in order to achieve the proper fit of a garment. In the fashion industry, while there are guidelines for sizing, there is no standard. One of the most time consuming components of this process is the comparison of the measurements of a sloper, or a standard pattern, to the fit model measurements, and making adjustments to the sloper so that the pattern will fit the body of the fit model. This app will provide all apparel and softgoods pattern engineers a useful tool to calculate measurements for pattern adjustments. In particular, apparel pattern making students and professionals alike will save time and increase accurcy by using the app. The pattern right app is also quite useful for developing different styles.


Division is one of the most difficult concepts to teach and for students to learn. Oftentimes, division is taught procedurally with little connection to conceptual understanding. When students fail to understand whole number division, it can cause them to misunderstand fractions and beyond. This app will help classroom teachers help their students understand division. Tutors and parents can also use this app to supplement instruction. The app will provide activities, games, and video instruction to help students, pre-service teachers, teachers, andparents learn how to devide whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and polynomials. It will grow with learner, meeting them where they are conceptually.


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