Winners of Phase I: From Research to App Competition (6th Annual 2017/2018)

Winners of the Phase I of "From Research to App" Competition 2017-2018 was announced on November 27, 2017 at the pitch event. 

Winning ideas were:


reCapp is a citizen science app focused on exploring outdoors, while documenting global landscape change. As a first of its kind all-inclusive repeat photography platform, users capture photographs of landscapes while reCapp concomitantly gathers all data necessary to return any user to the same place, to re-take the photograph at a later date. Studying repeat photograph pairs will advance our knowledge of how landscapes are changing around the world. By involving citizens as scientists, reCapp aims to nurture a spirit of stewardship for the natural world.

Fire Dynamics Calculator

Fire Dynamics Calculator is a mobile-friendly version of a spreadsheet currently used by fire investigators to assist them with developing and testing hypotheses regarding fire scenes. The app will be capable of using validated and well-documented calculations to predict things like flame heights, fire sizes, flammable mixtures of gasses and conductive heat transfer.